Die Zauberflöte

Juventus Lyrica

Die Zauberflöte

Mapped Video Projections for the Opera "  La Flauta Magica  " by Amadeus Mozart.   Regie:   Horacio Pigozzi   Musical Director:   Antonio Maria Russo      Teatro Avenida - Buenos Aires    Juventus Lyrica

Mapped Video Projections for the Opera "La Flauta Magica" by Amadeus Mozart.
Regie: Horacio Pigozzi
Musical Director: Antonio Maria Russo 
Teatro Avenida - Buenos Aires
Juventus Lyrica


Animated environments and dynamic transitions projected on a special scenography consisting of various screens and mobile stage structures for the Opera Die Zauberflöte by Amadeus Mozart. For the highlights of the opera the projections were designed to invade and spread out into the realm of the audience, immersing the whole theater into color and light.



“...on static panels, and some few moving structures, like two giant multi purpose cubes, dynamic images are projected, changing, rich in details and nuances, with a wealth of iconography, from the specific to the most abstract and poetic, giving the work a continuous and definitely attractive movement.”
Excerpt from
Una puesta atractiva y con voces jovenes

Tiempos Modernos

Project done in collaboration with Christian Parsons.